Pyrozone Manufacturing Pte Ltd is the manufacturer of a state of the art fixed carbon dioxide gaseous fire protection system. Utilising an innovative, patented, user friendly method of storing liquid carbon dioxide, Pyrozone sets the benchmark in safety and reliability for carbon dioxide protection systems.

Based on a unique liquid carbon dioxide storage technology originally perfected by Europa International Manufacturing Pty Ltd of Australia, and marketed under the name of ‘Pub-Gas’, the system was originally developed as a highly dependable high-pressure carbon dioxide cylinder replacement to service the Australian hospilatility industry in the 1980’s to pressurise beverage reticulation systems used in hotels, restaurants and clubs.

The fire protection version, marketed under the name of ‘Pyrozone’, was released in 1990 by Pyrozone Manufacturing Pty Ltd, a private independently owned company based in South East Queensland, Australia, at a time when the fire protection industry demands environmentally friendly solutions sensitive to ozone depleting and global warming issues. The Pyrozone programme is developed in conjunction with expert advice and opinion solicited from the fire protection industry. The system has since gained international acceptance with SSL and FM accreditations.

The Australian company was bought over by the Hart Group of Companies of Singapore in June 2006 and a new manufacturing facility was established in Singapore in September 2006 to better serve a burgeoning list of satisfied customers in Asia.

In Pyrozone, we believe that:

  1. Carbon dioxide is one of the most versatile, effective and environment friendly fire extinguishing agents.
  2. When designed, installed and maintained correctly, a carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system provides enormous benefits.

We hereby pledge that we shall set out to achieve the following:

  1. To make the safest and most effective carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system, ever.
  2. To provide every customer with the best engineering solution possible, giving them peace of mind, knowing that their property and equipment investments are soundly protected.