1st June 2010

Sydney NSW Australia. Blue Water Joint Venture was contracted by Sydney’s state owned water supply corporation in 2008 to construct and operate a new desalination plant located in Kurnell, an ocean side suburb of Sydney. The desalination plant has the capacity to provide 15% of Sydney’s drinking water with an upgrade capacity to provide 30% (or 250 megalitres to 500 megalitres) in the future.

Blue Water Joint Venture relied on the expert advice and direction of SKM Pty Ltd Consulting Engineers to provide advice and designs for the fire protection requirements. SKM choose Pyrozone Fire Suppression Systems to protect the 13 electrical sub stations located around the site. The decision to use Pyrozone systems was based not only on their known reliability and many successful installations around the world but also on the initial installation cost and ongoing maintenance costs of Pyrozone’s Low Pressure CO2 systems compared to other available Inert Gas systems. The other main consideration is the low cost and availability of Carbon Dioxide from any industrial gas supplier.

The issue of green house gas was quelled by the knowledge that there is no new CO2 manufactured and it is now supplied as a byproduct of industry where it would otherwise go into the atmosphere.
As these switch rooms are normally unmanned Pyrozone’s FM Approved Manual Lock Off Stations have been installed along with time delays and warning signs all complying with Australian and International Standards.

Heyday Fire Technologies, lead by Project Manager Geoff Mayhew has done an excellent job installing the 30 plus Pyrozone mini bulk storage units and has enjoyed the engineering support provided by Pyrozone. Our in house engineering department worked for many hours providing the hydraulic calculations and pipe layout drawings which are all part of the overall successful project.

Blue Water Desalination | 1st June 2010
Blue Water Desalination | 1st June 2010
Blue Water Desalination | 1st June 2010