The Pyrozone Low-Pressure Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System introduces a new advanced technology to carbon dioxide (CO2) fire protection. It combines the technological advantages of a low-pressure storage with the flexibility and versatility of a modular concept.

Pyrozone systems have been developed to deliver carbon dioxide fire protection to the highest possible safety levels from reliable, proven technology. Supervised fail-safe lock-offs developed by Pyrozone allow safe entry to any protected space.

Pyrozone systems can be refilled in-situ, contain a patented electronic self-monitoring capability, require less floor space than cylinder-based products and empower the fire professional through greater design flexibility.

The PyroDeTec Pre-Engineered Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression System is, in short, an automatic carbon dioxide fire extinguisher that puts out fires when they start, where they start. It is a system designed for use and installation in enclosures and inaccessible areas. The pre-engineered concept allows for installation of the system without the need for hydraulic calculations, when the system designed conforms to the limitations set in the technical manual.

The PyroDeTec system is tested by FM Approvals in accordance to FM Approvals Standard for Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems (Class Number 5420). This system is designed for total flooding applications, in accordance to NFPA 12: Standard on Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems.