At the heart of every Pyrozone system is the innovative modular storage unit. This unique development stores liquid carbon dioxide at around 2000 kPa and -18°C.

A manual Maintenance Valve supplied with every storage unit allows for pre-testing of downstream equipment without the risk of an inadvertent discharge or loss of agent. The Pyrozone Pneumatic Control System , consisting of a Manual Lock-Off Station (MLOS) and/or Emergency Manual Release Station (EMRS), allows for manual intervention.

The Pyrozone Modular Low-Pressure Carbon Dioxide programme is supported by a set of comprehensive manuals and the Pyrocalc software. This package provides the competent fire professional with a most complete technical reference and enables him to optimise the design of a Pyrozone system for any given risk. Pyrocalc is a companion worksheet based on Microsoft Excel, developed to facilitate the design process through to final equipment selection. This same programme can also be used to verify the suitability of existing (Halon 1301) pipe work for low-pressure carbon dioxide retrofit applications.

The Pyrozone Advantage
  • Compact, modular system

  • Continuous system monitoring

  • Safe entry to protected space

  • Ease of operational testing

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Unique partial discharge

  • On-site refilling

  • FM Approved
  • Lower cost of ownership

Life Time Cost Comparison